Surviving the Collapse of the US Dollar

Surviving the Collapse of the US Dollar

There are a lot of things going on that give us all cause for concern. One of the biggest going on today is the potential collapse of the dollar. Actually, I’d have to say that there isn’t a potential collapse but a definite collapse coming along.

Check out this video on how the US dollar is being forced to collapse by the current situation:


The only real questions we face are when the collapse is going to happen and how bad it will be when it comes. It seems like every month we’re hearing things in the news that could indicate that the collapse is coming soon, yet somehow we keep moving on.

Each time that happens, it just means that the next time it will be worse. One of these times, they won’t be able to stop the crisis and the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down.

The Consequences of a Financial Collapse

It won’t be pretty when the collapse happens. When Argentina had their financial collapse, many lives were destroyed. People went from owning businesses and having everything they needed one day to collecting cardboard to sell for recycling the next.

It took three years for Argentina to dig out of that mess. Things won’t be that quick and easy when it happens in bigger, more developed nations. When Argentina’s economy collapsed, the rest of the world was there to pull them out; who will be left to pull the U.S. out?

When the U.S. had the housing collapse in 2009, it affected the economy around the world. We can be sure that the next one will do so as well.

There’s nobody around who can help Americans get over an economic depression.

So, with such a high risk of financial collapse coming and literally no hope of receiving help from other countries, what are we going to do? I hope you’re not one of the people who are expecting the government to take care of us. They’ve already proven that they can’t do that.

This is something that most preppers are expecting. While they might be prepping for other things, they are also preparing for this financial crash.

A financial crash could be the hardest thing to plan for because so many things that we all depend on will be gone. The infrastructure will probably fall apart. There might even be a general collapse of society.

That’s what happened in Argentina.

The financial collapse ended up causing a general social collapse. Mob violence became the norm. Vandalism and looting were happening all around.

People who weren’t prepared were the hardest hit. Even those who were prepared had a hard time, but at least they had something to fall back on; they had food and water stored for an emergency.

Living Independently

While the collapse will be a horrible event that may even destroy this country, it doesn’t have to destroy your life. By preparing now to live without the help of the infrastructure that we currently depend on, you can be ready when the collapse happens.

That’s the true key to prepping. It’s not just about stockpiling food, water and supplies; it’s learning how to live independently. More than anything, it’s learning how to do things in other ways so that you don’t need society as it is now to survive.

Any food stockpile will run out eventually. In order to be ready to face the financial crash, you need more than just a stash of food. You need to be able to produce your own food as well. After all, how many of us can actually stockpile three or more years of food?

Many preppers are going far beyond stockpiling food and water. These people are going back to the old idea of homesteading: changing their backyards into mini-farms so that they can grow their own food.

While it may be difficult to grow enough food to live off of, every tomato you can grow is one that you don’t need to buy. The same can be said for every egg your chickens lay.

Food produced on your land is the most secure food source there is. It’s not perfect, though. If you have chickens, you can be sure that you’ll have predators that want to eat them and rats that want their feed; but you’ll also have fresh eggs to eat.

You can’t stop your thinking with food either. With much of the infrastructure down, you’ll have to do a lot of things for yourself. Things like electricity, water and sewage may not be available.

That’s why it’s so important to become as independent as you can. We really can’t predict exactly what will happen when the economic collapse comes. You and I have to be ready for anything.

While being ready for anything is a goal, it may be an unreachable one. There are so many possible problems, each of which contains variables we can’t see. However, that’s really no excuse for not trying.